Forget tomato sauce: Spaghettone matt felicetti with bottarga and uni tastes like luxury

Put that grocery-bought sauce back on the shelf and consider a different type of pasta dish the next time you cook for a night in.


Before Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about sex, baby – and babies

The question is not just do you want kids or are you ready? If you are, how do you want to raise your children? Here’s how to have that talk.


Nearly 40 new Wawa locations are set to open in several states in 2023: See the list

The convenience store and gas station chain is opening nearly 40 new stores in 2023; the bulk of the new locations are in Florida.


What is FICA? How much you contribute to federal payroll taxes.

FICA, the Federal Insurance Contributions Act, is the federal payroll tax. It’s the 7.65% of your gross wages that go to Social Security and Medicare.


Arizona Diamondbacks agree to sell advertising space on jersey sleeves

The Diamondbacks entered into an agreement with Arizona-based electronics distributor Avnet to place the company’s logo on their jerseys.


Conor McGregor will make UFC return vs. Michael Chandler as ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ coach

The polarizing 34-year-old fighter will return to the octagon at the end o the new season of UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter”

Currently in Tampa, FL

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